Bristan Gallery Rapid Boiling 3-in-1 Kitchen Tap (GLL RAPSNK3 C) - GLL RAPSNK3 C

Bristan Gallery Rapid Boiling 3-in-1 Kitchen Tap Chrome (GLL RAPSNK3 C)

Please note: This part number has now changed to GLL RAPSNK3 SF C 

Bristan Gallery Rapid 3-in1 Hot water tap provides the latest in kitchen innovation, combing hot, cold and boiling water in one classic styled design. With built in safety features, this is a perfect addition to any kitchen.

The tap comes complete with Everything you need: tap, tails, tank, pressure reducing valve and filter included* (The filter for the boiling water tank has to be replaced every 6 months for limescale protection & optimum performance, Failure to do so will invalidate guarantee)

Safety Handle requires button to be pushed before turning to dispense boiling water, Boiling water is stored in the tank not in the tap reducing the risk of scalding.

  • 7 temperature settings, delivering water up to 98°C – to confirm with building regulations
  • Illuminated display on boiling water tank
  • Non-spit outlet for safe and comfortable use
  • Quick and quiet boiling 
  • 2.4 litre capacity tank
  • Plug fitted for standard 13 amp wall socket 1.5kW @ 240V
  • Minimum pressure 1.5 bar mains supply
  • Tap has a 10 year warranty 
  • Boil Unit has 2 year warranty




£457.57 (ex VAT)
Brand Bristan
Category Bristan Kitchen Taps
Part number GLL RAPSNK3 C
Guarantee 10 Years