Our Honeywell Evohome Installation Guide - 

Heating Control

With Evohome  from Honeywell you'll discover a new way to heat your home, saving you money and ensuring that you are always in control.  

Evohome's wireless, full colour touch screen central controller, puts you in control of every aspect of  your home's heating.  It's on screen wizard will get you up and running straight away and the simple to use interface means you can see the exact temperature of each zone at a glance.  You can reduce energy consumption at the touch of a button by using quick action modes like economy, or away, or even creating your own. 

Maybe you often work from home or enjoy a movie night.  Evohomes optimum 'start and stop technology'  adapts to you and your home.  It learns how long it takes for your home to warm up and even takes action if you leave a window open.  But controlling your comfort doesn't stop there, with each smart controller, you get to see and control what temperature you want from any part of your home. 

Using the connective pack and our mobile app, you can use your smart phone or tablet to control your home heating whether you are at home or not.  See for yourself just how easy smart zoning your home can be.  Try Evohome's virtual simulator at www.evohome.honeywell.com or try out the demo on your smartphone.

Property Suitability

ATP921 Evohome Basepack Installation

HR92UK Radiator Controllers

DT92 Wireless Digital Room Thermostat

AFT500DHW Domestic Hot Water Kit

RFG100 Mobile Access Kit

This guide is under construction - all installation work and site surveys must be undertaken by a suitably qualified and competent person. 

Our Honeywell Evohome Installation Guide

Heating Control