Our TRV Compatability Guide for Evohome Controls

Heating Control

The comprehensive range of Honeywell Evohome Controls include replacement Thermostatic Radiator Controllers. The replacement controllers have a Honeywell product code description of HR92UK.

The Evohome HR92UK Radiator Controllers are available as single units and also as a multi-zone kit in packs of four. A pack of commonly required adaptors are supplied with the HR92UK products for fitting to TRV's such as the Danfoss RAS type thermostatic radiator valve.

Many homeowners already have thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's) fitted and rather than go to the inconvenience and expense of changing each thermostatic valve body (not to mention the required draining of the heating system), Honeywell have made their HR92UK Radiator Controllers compatable with most existing TRV's which also use the standard M30 x 1.5mm threaded body.

Even if the HR92UK isnt compatable with your existing TRV's, Plumb Arena also supplies adaptors to allow the TRV body and the HR92UK radiator controller to connect with each other.

The following table shows many of the UK's commonly fitted TRV's and their compatability with the HR92UK controllers. If customers have any doubt over the compatability of existing TRV's or associated equipment, please contact our sales team who will be delighted to help.

Helping our customers make the right choice from Plumb Arena.

ManufacturerBrandAdaptor Required?
Pegler Yorkshire Terrier No
Pegler Yorkshire Mistral No
Pegler Yorkshire Belmont 4 No
Pegler Yorkshire & Wolseley Bulldog No
Altechnic Ecocal No
B & Q Regis No
Comap Westherm 5 TRV Yes – ACH28
Comap Senso TRV Yes – ACH28
Comap S2 TRV Yes – ACH28
Danfoss RAS C2 Yes – Supplied
Danfoss RAS D2 Revolver Yes – Supplied
Drayton RT212 No
Drayton RT414 No
Drayton TRV4 No
Drayton TRV3 Yes – AD3
Grahams Altech No
Grasslin Tower TRV REV No
Honeywell Rad plan No
Honeywell VT117E No
Honeywell VT200E No
Honeywell VT15 No
MYSON TRV 2WAY (Old) Yes – ACH28
MYSON Petite No
PTS Boss Supreme Yes – ACH28
PTS Boss Classic TRV Yes – ACH28
Screwfix Unbranded TRV No
Siemens TRV MTN51GB TRV No
Trago Mills Unbranded TRV No
Travis Perkins IFLO No
Travis Perkins IFLO Contract No