Female Plumbers

Of course your plumbing matters, there is an army of British and foreign plumbers in the UK ready to take on any task and accept the call out fee to attend your property or business twenty four hours a day... but the 'plumbing' of your plumber doesn't matter! Breaking down the barriers of what was once a male dominated industry, Pink Plumbers is going nationwide to offer a female only optional service to people with central heating breakdowns, leaks and flooded floors.

So the next time you get your knickers in a twist and your plumbing really goes awry, you need not be concerned that you are home alone in an emergency and can call on the services of a female plumber to rescue you instead.

Boiler Spares, Repairs And A Woman Who Cares

Gemma Lawrence-Davis from Aylesbury has just qualified as a professional plumber after four years of hard studying. With certification in hand, she now now sports a pink van in a pink get up ready to serve her local area.

Whether you are male or female customer, a business or homeowner, requiring central heating maintenance, boiler spare parts or have a specific brand of central heating boiler that needs fixing. Your Honeywell, Worcester, Glowworm and Baxi boiler repairs are in good female hands.

Speaking to the Bucks Herald Gemma said: "I could never see myself sitting in an office all day, I like doing different things and meeting people.

"I’m practically minded so it suits me. I have to think out of the box and problem solve. One day I’m working on taps, the next I’ll be installing central heating."

Entrepreneur and owner of Pink Plumbers, Jo Lawrence has spent ten years building up her brand and has now opened up a franchise opportunity to enable girls like Gemma to take on an area of the UK and Europe, spread their wings and deliver on high quality plumbing services within the pink brand.

Men pretty much rule in plumbing that's true. However a recent poll of one thousand females showed that 86% of females would prefer a woman on the job.

Of the results Jo said “The results confirm that the UK’s attitude to women in trade is changing. It shows that women can break down the barriers to this male dominated profession.

"I set up Pink Plumbers to help other women like Gemma succeed in business and to give home owners a real choice."

So if you see something pink moving fast in Aylesbury this weekend and a girl is shouting nee naw nee naw, it's probably Gemma on her way to an emergency plumbing call out and offering a dedicated professional service with a smile.

Gemma continued “I’m punctual and people feel comfortable with me entering their house. I can do everything from fixing toilets to installing radiators."

For emergency heating and boiler repairs, give Gemma or Jo a call and get the female touch to solve your plumbing needs. Pink plumbing is loud, proud and on call night and day!


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