Fernox TF1 Omega Filter Now Available

Plumb Arena are now official stockists of the new Fernox TF1 Omega filter.

Compact Design

Available in both 22mm and 28mm options, this exciting new product is perfect for fitting into compact areas. Featuring a hydro cyclonic motion along with bespoke magnet assembly, the Fernox TF1 will remove contaminated water quickly and efficiently. 

Ease of Use

With its revolutionary small size and simple to fit design, the new filter is set to make the life of plumbers everywhere better. The TF1 filter also features the ability to fit both horizontally and vertically. No need to dismantle for cleaning, making maintenance fast and simple. The product is also supplied with well-written instructions.

Environmentally Friendly

Using the latest eco-technology, Fernox has reduced the emissions of the TF1 compact and the product carries the prestigious Carbon Reduction logo as a sign of approval from the Carbon Trust.

Unique Design

Fernox has listened to consumers and plumbers alike when designing the TF1 Compact. This has resulted in a large number of innovative features including a unique connection system allowing for up to 24 different variations of fit. The new TF1 can even be fitted at a 45-degree angle.

Available To Buy Now

Both the 22mm and 28mm version of the TF1 Compact are available for immediate purchase from Plumb Arena.

For more information or to purchase please click below:

TF1 22mm Filter

TF1 28mm Filter