New Wireless Central Heating With The Honeywell Evohome Pack

Honeywell Evohome The 'home of the future' we have seemingly been promised for decades has finally arrived now with the release of the the brand new Honeywell evohome wireless home heating control system.
What's all the big fuss I hear you cry! Do you recall growing up and Mum and Dad's house had radiators in each room, one boiler in the kitchen and one thermostat in the living room but other rooms cold?
Back then that was state of the art equipment, a thermostat to regulate heating in the main room. However one problem is the efficiency of room heating. Central heating really was central, if you wanted the heat up in a room or down, you would need to turn the knobs of the radiator in each individual room.
Not any more, with Honeywell Evohome, in tandem with your current radiators and boilers, Honeywell has arrived to make central heating a truly conceptual un-central heating system.

The ultimate in central heating control

Wireless technology and electrical micro components have brought down the cost of enabling home owners to have more control over how they heat  their home. There are many advantages of installing such a system in your house or apartment and here's a few.
Laziness and frustration - the UK climate changes from one day to the next, never consistent. It would be ok if it was -15c every night but its not, rooms get too hot, too cold and you're forever up and down twiddling with the radiators to get the correct heat in each room to offer an adequate and stable room temperature.
Enter Honeywell with evohome and the end of manual radiator knob twisting. The specialist system creates a zoning effect where you can partition your home according to up to twelve different zones.
The technology is so advanced that you can even operate multiple radiators in a single zone at different temperatures also. While this system is fantastic for businesses with large areas to cover.
It is also great to have in place in your very own home. The ultimate in central heating control, operated centrally but using sensors, thermostats and individually operating components in every room on every radiator.

How Does evohome Work? Can It Save Me Money?

As if not having to twist radiator knobs ever again, unless bleeding them for the winter - was a good enough reason to buying into Honeywell's radiator and central heating technology, then there's another reason to buy in.
Installing a system like this, that reacts to the environment instantaneously, over time, it can save on energy costs by the hundreds during a year. But even the smallest decrease in electricity or gas bills will obviously be welcomed.
The Honeywell website states that "Upgrading basic timer and a thermostat controls to evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home." Source: Energy Saving Research Unit, Strathclyde University 2013 .
With over 80% of energy bills being allocated to home heating, if you can save up to 40% with a one of purchase of a few hundred pounds, then you should really be quids in during the first year of installation.
Honeywell evohome is really simple to install and operate. If you are a little wary of installing it yourself, you can get a Honeywell recognised engineer or plumber in to install the system.
However, it is pretty much DIY capable, with the radiator zone kits you can swap over the equipment on the existing TRV valves. As with any of computerised system, if you can't get your head around it, your ten year old child or a qualified Honeywell rep will assist.

Heating Controlled By Your Mobile Phone

The entire wireless evohome system can be controlled in the minutest of detail. You can set different temperatures for different rooms at different times. School nights can be preprogrammed, if the mother in law is visiting, then you can turn the heating down for the Friday night in the spare bedroom so she goes home early and back to normal on the Monday.
Late home from work and having a bath later? Change the time the bathroom radiators turn on via your mobile phone app. Yes it is really that simple, yet so adorably technically complicated. Finally a fully automated wireless central heating control system that you can control from anywhere in the world.
Choose Honeywell evohome wireless central heating control system for the most advanced heating control system yet developed. Saving you money on energy bills and also back ache from bending down and twiddling those radiator knobs!

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