ActivFlo 28mm Compression Water Conditioner AF028 - AF028

ActivFlo 28mm Compression Water Conditioner

Limescale forms in hard water areas most notably when water is heated. As water heats up its capacity to hold calcium in solution reduces and water can become super saturated with calcium ions. ActivFlo utilises a catalytic method of water treatment, it has no wires, requires no power sources or salt and does not add or remove anything from the water.

Inside the ActivFlo is its unique patented catalytic alloy made from a combination of semi-precious metals that react with the water. As the water flows through the ActivFlo the natural conductivity of the water causes the metals to react with one another generating an electric field on the surface of the patented alloy, this electrical field causes the calcium and bicarbonate ions to precipitate from the water forming an insoluble microscopic calcium carbonate crystal called aragonite. The smooth surface of this aragonite crystal cannot adhere to surfaces in the same way as limescale and evaporate on surfaces such as shower screens, the deposits are much easier to remove and do not require chemicals or aggressive cleaning options.

  • No Power Supply Required
  • “Fit & Forget Installation”
  • Maintenance Free
  • Quality Stainless Steel Housing
  • Helps to improve & Maintain The Efficiency Of Heating Equipment
  • Life Expectancy in Excess of 20 Years
  • Suitable For Whole House Protection
  • *15 Year Warranty
£177.50 (ex VAT)
Brand Inta
Category None
Part number AF028