Adey Magnaclean HP Filter FL1-03-06223 (4 LEFT) - FL1-03-06223

Adey Magnaclean HP Filter 28mm FL1-03-06223


MagnaClean HP™ - Effective Heat Pump Protection

Low-temperature heating systems, like those with heat pumps, are the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth, which can clog them up, reducing efficiencies and ultimately causing breakdown. MagnaClean HP has been designed specifically to protect heat pumps from both magnetic and non-magnetic debris, keeping them working as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. Thanks to its high-quality build, powerful magnet, stainless steel gauze and non-blocking design, you can rest assured that you are fitting a filter that will efficiently protect heat pumps and will stand the test of time.  

  • Specially designed to protect heat pump systems.
  • 28mm Compression fittings
  • Dedicated magnetic and non-magnetic capture allows both types of debris to be captured before it enters the heat pump.
  • Incorporates unique ADEY CycloFlow™ Technology which enhances water. flow rate whilst simultaneously maximising first-pass capture rate.
  • Non-blocking design for optimum flow, even when the filter is full, keeping the system working as efficiently as possible.
  • Large canister ports: available for 28mm systems.
  • Valves enable high flow rates and minimise pressure drops.
  • First pass and continuous flow capture.
  • Quick & easy to install & service.
  • Chemicals can be easily dosed directly into the canister.
  • 10-year warranty.

Size/dimensions (product installation)

  • Height: 250.5mm
  • Width at lid: 115mm
£129.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Adey
Category Water Treatment Filters
Part number FL1-03-06223