Adey Magnaclean Pro1 Seal Pack SEAPKPRO - SEAPKPRO

Adey Magnaclean Professional 1 Seal Pack SEAPKPRO


  • 1 x small EPDM air vent 'O' ring
  • 1 x medium EPDM magnet 'O' ring
  • 1 x large EPDM 74x5 lid seal

Suitable for MagnaClean Professional®, MagnaClean Micro® and MagnaClean Professional 28mm.

The seal kit should be used to replace the filter seals as required.


Full instructions of use will be sent out as part of the pack

£6.98 (ex VAT)
Brand Adey
Category Adey Spares
Part number SEAPKPRO