Adey Procheck Test Kit CP1-03-5132 - CP1-03-5132

Adey Procheck Test Kit CP1-03-5132

Instant lab-style results direct to your phone. ADEY ProCheck is designed to provide a quick and easy method of testing system water quality using a smartphone. ADEY ProCheck's step by step process provides instant validation of system health measuring Inhibitor, Corrosion, and pH levels in under 3 minutes.

Results are displayed within the app, offering recommendations for corrective action where required.

How does it work?

Simply take a sample of water, use the dedicated test strips and card, scan with the app, and get instant onsite report and recommendations directly to your phone.

Watch the "How to" Video in the Tab below for further details

Universal Digital Water Test

ADEY ProCheck has been designed to work at its best with ADEY chemicals but will also provide results where other certified water treatment chemicals have been used.

Download the ADEY ProCheck app for free and use in conjunction with this test kit.

ADEY ProCheck gives heating engineers

  • Instant lab-style results on your phone
  • Tests results for inhibitor, corrosion & pH levels in the system
  • Validation from an independent expert that your work is top quality
  • Recommendations for corrective action where required
  • Full results report available by email instantly and uploaded to Report Management System for portal access later*

*Test report generation and ADEY ProCheck Report Management System access included for the first 12 months

£74.98 (ex VAT)
Brand Adey
Category Water Treatment Chemicals
Part number CP1-03-5132