BritTherm G-Combi Standard 15-60 3 Speed Boiler Pump Head ONLY G15 - G15

BritTherm G-Combi Standard 15-60 3 Speed Boiler Replacement Pump Head ONLY G15
This listing is for a replacement head only, not a full pump assembly. 


**Please note this product is currently out of stock with no confirmed ETA**

The G-Combi Standard 15-60 is a 3 Speed Manual Universal Boiler Pump Head. It produces a maximum head of 6 meters making it perfect for replacing existing Circulator Head replacements in domestic Combination Boilers. Please see the table below and check that the Boiler manufacturer’s part number for the Pump in situ is on the list before proceeding to use this model.

Do not attempt to use this model on external Heating Circulators (usually red or black in colour), it is made only for use in combination Boilers (Pump is usually silver in colour), we will not accept liability if it is installed on any model not listed in the table. It is meant only for 3 speed manual Pump head changes, do not attempt to use it on a modulating Pump.

Pump Compatibility List

Click Here for a list of Manufacturers and Pump head models that the G-Combi Standard Pump head replaces:



£64.15 (ex VAT)
Brand Brittherm
Category Domestic Heating Pumps
Part number G15