Cistermiser Combimate Scale Reducer - COM1

Cistermiser Combimate Scale Reducer 15MM

Manufacturers Product No: COMBIMATE

The Combimate Scale Reducer by Cistemiser is now available at Plumbarena.

Combimate is a user-friendly domestic limescale prevention device that uses Combiphos. Combiphos is a polyphosphate compound is 100% food grade material approved by FAO/WHO and compliant with the European normative standard (BS) EN 1208 that prevents scale build-up and soft water corrosion in combination boilers and other domestic hot water appliances.

  • Prevents limescale in hard water and soft water corrosion
  • Keeps pipework clear and energy costs down
  • Prevents ‘brown’ water, protects pipework and keeps maintenance costs down
  • Compact, flexible and quick to install on vertical and horizontal pip-work with top or bottom entry
  • For single appliances or ‘whole house’ water supply
  • Safe for drinking water and all domestic appliances -
  • 100% food grade material; FAO/WHO approved and compliant with EN 1208
  • No maintenance. Easy annual Combiphos top-up
  • WRAS approved


£135.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Cistermiser
Category Water Treatment Filters
Part number COM1