Drayton Digistat + 1 Room Thermostat 30002 - 30002

Drayton Digistat + 1 Wired Room Thermostat 30002

Manufacturea Part Number: 30002

Please note: This product is a WIRED thermostat.

  • User adjustable Set-back feature – at the push of a button
  • User adjustable Min/Max temperature setting
  • Digital Display situated above dial is easy to read

Drayton’s stylish Digistat+ with tactile, audible & visual feedback. Featuring a familiar dial control with a digital display to show that the temperature has been set accurately every time. The product can be configured with a minimum temperature setting to protect the vulnerable.


£40.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Drayton
Category Room Thermostats
Part number 30002