ESI ESCTD Mechanical Dual Cylinder Thermostat - ESCTD

ESI ESCTD Mechanical Dual Cylinder Thermostat

The ESi Controls range of Cylinder Thermostats provides a suitable solution for all hot water tanks and cylinders. The ESCTD Dual Cylinder Thermostat combines both the controller and limit thermostats into one common unit, requiring only one direct immersion well. The controller and limit stat heads are provided with a jumper to minimise wiring. The ESCTD Thermostat controller has an external adjustment, while the limit has concealed adjustment with manual reset feature.

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Jumper to minimise wiring
  • Concealed manual reset
  • Wide user defined temperature range
  • Large, clear adjustable dial
  • Double insulated
  • Simple to use and quick to install
£11.65 (ex VAT)
Brand ESI Controls
Category Cylinder & Pipe Thermostats
Part number ESCTD