Glowworm Power System Filter 0010035820 - 0010035820

Glowworm Power System Filter 0010035820

  • Horizontal Fitting - The Power System Filter is designed to be sited horizontally, meaning a more discreet fit which saves space.
  • Compact Design - The filter is aesthetically designed, so that when fitted, a smaller portion of the filter is visible compared to classic filter designs, allowing more flexible and less intrusive siting options.
  • Part Brass Design - The main body of the filter is high quality brass to match the standard of the rest of the Glow-worm portfolio.
  • Part Composite Design - The front of the filter is manufactured from composite, removing unnecessary weight from the product.
  • Quick Servicing - The Power System Filter is easily dismantled at the middle, and the magnet sheath removed, for faster removal of dirt. O-rings for the filter are available as a spare part should any need replacing during the servicing process.
  • Simple draining for Maintenance - The drain connection is supplied with a drip cap. Once removed, the filter can be drained easily by turning the front-facing screw with a flat head screwdriver. Standard hose can be connected to the drain point to facilitate draining for maintenance.
  • Multi-function drain & Dose point - Thanks to its unique design, the head can be rotated through 180 degrees allowing the drain point to be used as a dosing point for system additives. In addition, the filter holds 500ml to allow accurate dosing of inhibitor.
  • Ferrous & non-Ferrous particulate removal - Powerful 12,000 gauss magnet picks up magnetic debris, whilst an 800 micron stainless steel guaze filter also collects non-magnetic debris.
  • Advanced Magnetising Process for Greater Efficiency - New Advanced process ensures magnetic power is maintained even with debris attached. Efficiency is >80% even when completely covered.
  • Compatible with Water/Inhibitor or glycol solutions - Works with glycol solutions for system installed with anti-freezing protection such a mobile homes
£129.77 (ex VAT)
Brand Glow Worm
Category Water Treatment Filters
Part number 0010035820