HomeScale Protect 1" Inline Scale Reducer IPSHPRG1 - IPSHPRG1

HomeScale Protect 1" Inline Scale Reducer IPSHPRG1

Effectively prevents corrosion and limescale creation.

There has never been an eaiser way to protect your appliances and water system from the harmful condition of scale build up. When HomeScale Protect is fitted after the mains stopcock it creates whole house protection from scale as the Homescale Protection reduces 76% of scale build up on traditional appliances connected to the cold water mains supply.

Washing Machines - Prevents scale forming on expensive elements and reduces detergents used to clean clothes, making the whole job a more efficient one.

Toilets - By removing scale formation your toilet will remain cleaner and less stained plus the toilet mechanisms will be more reliable and longer lasting.

Washbasins, baths & showerscreens - Scale is an unsightly bi-product of water usage and by fitting a HomeScale Protect there will be no hard water deposits created. Shower, bath and basins will remain streak free. 

Central Heating boilers - Hard water causes heating appliances to scale up quickly and effects warranty's. A HomeScale Protect allows for total confidence that your expensive appliance is free from scale, maintaining efficiency and protecting the reliability. 

£135.20 (ex VAT)
Brand HomeScale
Category Water Conditioners
Part number IPSHPRG1