Honeywell Evohome Wifi Connected Thermostat (ATP921R3100) - ATP921R3100

Honeywell Evohome Wifi Connected Thermostat Pack

Manufacturers Part No: ATP921R3100

The Honeywell Evohome Wifi is the successor of the brilliant Evohome thermostat. The ATP921R3100 has all the great features of the ATP921G2080 but now has inbuilt Wifi capabilities.

Honeywell Evohome Wifi Pack Contents:

1 x Honeywell Evohome Wifi controller including White fascia
1 x Wireless Relay Box
1 x Table stand and power lead.

The multi-zone evohome controller controls the time and temperature of up to 12 heating zones plus a domestic hot water supply if required. Each zone has independent time and temperature control.
It has a backlit colour LCD screen. The unit can either be wall mounted (ATF600) with an external power supply or table mounted on the table stand. This is powered by a 13amp power cable. The evohome controller can be removed from the stand for easy programming for up to 2 hours before returning to the stand for charging. The colour of the surround can be changed to either black or silver (Optional Extra). A choice of idle screens, analogue or digital clock displays and a choice of day or night mode increases the aesthetic properties of the most visible part of the evohome system. When controlling the heating system the evohome controller has a number of features that make operation easy. The evohome controller can act as a room thermostat on its own. Zone names can be input to match the actual property and the zones can be controlled as multi-room or as single-room zones. Zones can be configured to give individual local override of a room or rooms within the zone.


Apple App Store

Please note: The Honeywell RFG100 mobile access kit is not required with this product.




£180.70 (ex VAT)
Brand Honeywell
Category Honeywell Evohome
Part number ATP921R3100