Inta Thermostatic failsafe mixing valves 40015CP - 40015CP

Inta Thermostatic failsafe mixing valves 40015CP

Intamax tmv2 and tmv3 approved thermostatic failsafe mixing valves. 

The Intatec range of 15 and 22mm thermostatic mixing valves is designed primarily for single outlet use. It delivers safe, blended hot water to taps, showers, bidets and other water outlets, making it ideal for use in hospitals, schools and leisure centres.

  • Temperature adjustment range: 30oC - 50oC
  • Temperature stability: + 2oC
  • Max inlet temperature: 85oC
  • Max operating pressure: 10 bar static
  • Min inlet pressure: 0.2 bar dynamic
  • Mini temperature to achieve failsafe: 10oC
  • Max pressure inlet differential: 5:1 
£25.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Inta
Category Commercial Bathrooms
Part number 40015CP