Salus Magnetic Filter MD22S - MD22S

Salus Magnetic Filter MD22S 


The Salus MD22S Magnetic Filter is specially designed for central heating systems. It can remove almost all the harmful black suspended iron oxide particles accumulated in the central heating system and protect the complete central heating system. 

  • Simple Installation & Servicing 
  • Immediate results & system protection 
  • No running Costs 
  • Energy Saving 
  • Compact dosing Pot 
  • Ultra Strong Magnet in Dry pocket 
  • Top Mounted Air vent 
  • Base Mounted 1/2" drain valve 
  • 22mm Isolation Valves 
  • Vertical or Horizontal Positioning 
  • Easy removal of the magnet 
  • 5 Year Warranty 


£32.50 (ex VAT)
Brand Salus Controls
Category Water Treatment Filters
Part number MD22S